My Company I work for is hiring for a 2nd shift Logistics Driver. I need a partner on my Shift real soon, so I can have my weekends.Working 7 days a week isn't fun. Basically just need a partner to drive the company truck back n forth across the parking lot from the warehouse to the production plantAnd load and unload skids with using a motorized pallet jack called a walkie rider. While I stay ...
Responsibilities: -Fill various size bottles with the appropriate chemical as requested. The bottles can range up to five gallons in size. -Unpacking of containers -Filling containers with chemicals, labeling, capping, sealing and packing the container back into appropriate boxes or on pallets as needed. -Cleaning of Work Area
Commodity Manager JR Automation was founded in 1980, and has grown to become 1 of the leading global systems integrators and solutions providers for the industrial automation industry. With over 2,000 employees at 23 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, we are looking ahead towards continued success and expansion while servicing multiple industries, including automotive,...
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